Lost wax bronze sculpture, executed in 1992. Dimensions 60 x 36 x 13 cm. Weight: 7,5 Kg. -  Work for sale only on order  - Opera inspired by the birth of my son Richard. It is part of tritico "Family" with "Horse No. 1" and "Carezza". .(more) Here is a real sculptor, one with the all-too-uncommon gift of responsibility, with the ability to explore within his material, the plastic medium, where lurk unpredictable substantial moments of harmonization, such as those between hollows and luminousness, between planes and rhythms, between measure and spontaneous ness (Take works like Sognando, Nathalie, Canapé, David), all with the authoritative blessing of "Madame Poesie" and "Mademoiselle Imagination".

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