• in the factory
  • Altar
  • tabernacle
  • the door of tabernacle
  • the door
  • Cappella St. Joseph-sur-l'eau - Villeneuve-Le-Roy - FRANCE 1990
  • Arch. Marc Rolinet from Studio Roma in Paris.
  • Appointed by : Chantier du Cardinal
  • All windows, including the big one behind the Altar, are in acrylic-polycarbonate stuff thus giving resistance and brightness. The painting has been inserted in between the two layers composing them. The coloured light coming inside gives the right sensation of concentration required in a Chapel. The tabernacle in the shape of a tower with twelve sides recalls to your mind the Lord’s fortress mentioned in the Bible. It’s door could not be achieved due to lack of funds. The Altar is made in white Carrara marble. The grill is in brass while the entrance door is made of iron and aluminium.